Monday, May 12, 2008

Simple easy and quick learning.

Online universities are a big support for every american who is busy in doing his job and paying bills and raising kids. One cannot simply quit a job and start going back to school to do studies. Such working americans are greatly gifted by online education for every single of them who want to persue a degree to better there future because online education gives them the fexiblity to get a degree and education while they are busy doing other things. I enrolled in a well known university called Xebronics Chicago i mean a whole bunch of people i know were learning computers from there.
I have 2 kids and a lazy ass girl friend to deal with. I cannot just quit my job and start learning. My friend got fired from job for being absent for 2 nights.
We manage accounts for a private home loan and renting company. People in here are very mean and dont hesitate to fire anyone for a silly mistake. I wanted a career in computers so i went in for xebronics iit. My neighbour steven was already taking classes from there so it wasnt hard for me to enroll and get going. My diploma will finish in 3 months and i will look for a better job which wont be this hectic. Computer jobs are easier than handling the records of these dumb people. I think online education is the future of education. After 10 years every american will educate himself using online education. Its simply awesome.